Precautions of installing and debugging ice cream machines

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Actually, the installation, debugging and use of ice cream machine are very simple, but necessary to be mentioned for the users using the machine for first time. It is hoped that this article may give you some useful references.

Transportation of ice cream machine

Generally, there are two ways to package the ice cream machine, including the packaging with wooden frame and the carton packaging, both of which are for the convenient transportation and use of the machine. Considering that one or two ordinary customers can not move the soft ice cream machine for its weigh of 150 kg - 250 kg in general, regular freight stations may be equipped with some forklifts for loading and unloading, but some small station may be not, only relying on manual loading and unloading. Therefore, some potential damages to the machine during transportation may be inevitable, of which the most frequent one is the collision or scratch on the appearance, which, as a reminder, will not affect the use of the machine, but impact the appearance of the ice cream machine if it is serious. Just for kind reminder, this situation is relatively rare in general. You may negotiate or claim for compensation with the transport company if encountering this situation.

In case of the refrigerant circulation, the ice cream machine must be carefully transported within a tilt angle not exceeding 45 degrees, and reposed for a while as long as it is tilted. Once the refrigerant goes back to the compressor, the compressor may be damaged when turning on the ice cream machine, which does not belong to the quality problem. So please pay attention not to lay or transport the ice cream machine flat.

Installation of ice cream machine

Generally, the power requirements for the ice cream machine used in domestic are mostly 220V/50HZ, while some are 220V/60HZ, such as South Korea, or 110V/60HZ, such as Japan. If you plan to bring the domestic machine to abroad for use or bring the foreign machine to the domestic for use, please confirm the relevant electrical requirements and purchase the appropriate converter for connection. Before using, the wiring of ice cream machine shall be connected to the three-plug pin, or directly connected to the air switch. Pay attention to the rated input power of the ice cream machine when selecting the connecting plug. Generally, a 10-amp plug (10A plug) may be used for the machines under 2.2KW, and a 16-amp plug (16A plug) for 2.2KW - 3.5KW, so the socket of 10A or 16A shall be selected correspondingly. In case of the power supply wiring lower than the rated current requirement, a heat of power cord or short circuit may be aroused. If you do not know much about the electricity, it will be fine to find an electrician for help. In the case of a separate wiring required for the ice cream machine of 380V, please confirm that your operation place meets the wiring requirements before buying.

Refrigeration system testing

After the power supply wiring is completed, the ice cream machine may be debugged. Before debugging, please disinfect and clean the ice cream machine. Please refer to other related articles for disinfection and cleaning steps.

After the ice cream machine is cleaned, plug in the power, and turn on the switch of ice cream machine, then the digital tube will display the number as “00”. Press the start button (without ingredients), then the number on the LED digital display panel of the ice cream machine will change. You may hear the sound of the compressor starting about 5 seconds later, and then observe whether the number on the digital tube increases (the temperature will decreases continuously if it is temperature-controlled digital tube). Continuous changes reflect the normal operation of the refrigeration system, but the machine shall be shut down immediately, because the operation of machine without ingredients for a long time will result in freezing cylinder. If there is no change for a long time, the refrigeration system or the circuit of control panel may go wrong. In the case of an ice cream machine without a digital tube or a damaged control circuit of the digital tube, the most effective way to check if the refrigeration system is working properly is to plug in the distributing valve of the ice cream machine (the receiver in front), remove the stirring shaft, turn on the machine, and touch the refrigeration cylinder by hand to feel whether the temperature is changed.

If the refrigeration of ice cream machine is normal, the prepared ice cream pulp may be directly poured into the machine for trial test, at which moment the hardness of ice cream shall be adjusted. The adjustment of hardness will be explained in related articles. Adjust the hardness to normal, then the regular operation and sales may be conducted.