Use and maintenance of refrigerator

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Why do some refrigerated show cases have a long service life, while others are broken after being used for just a short time? Although it concerns much with the quality of refrigerated show case, the improper daily operation will indeed shorten the service life of it. So how do we use the refrigerated show case correctly and safely?

1. When defrosting the refrigerated show case, cut off the power, remove the items to preserve the temperature, and place them in a cool place. To speed up the defrosting, place a pan with hot water inside the refrigerator.  

2. The refrigerator shall be equipped with a separate three-hole socket and an appropriate fuse with a capacity of 5A. The multi-functional socket is not allowable.  

3. If the voltage is not stable or beyond the range of 187V - 242V, a suitable automatic stabilizer shall be equipped.  

4. Cleaning: For safety, please unplug the power plug before cleaning.  

5. Please use a soft cloth or sponge to clean the refrigerated show case, with some water or soap (non-corrosive neutral detergents are all available). Wipe it with a dry cloth after cleaning to prevent rusting. Please wring out the wiper when cleaning the temperature controller or other similar electric appliances.  

6. Defrosting: After using the refrigerated show case for a period of time, its liner will form a layer of frost. If the frost becomes too thick, it will affect the refrigeration effect of the case and increase the power consumption of the refrigerator. Therefore, the frost shall be scraped out with a plastic scrapper as long as the frost layer reaches around 5 mm.  

7. When the frost layer is removed and melted clearly, wipe the refrigerated show case with a dry cloth, and turn on the power to continue to use it.  

8. Stop using: Cut off the power of refrigerated show case in the case of stop using for a long time, clean it according to the above methods, and seal it up for safekeeping after drying it in the air with the lid open.  

9. The condenser, compressor and dust screen inside the machine shall be frequently cleaned with a soft brush to remove the dust on them, so as to maintain a good refrigeration effect.  

10. Do not stop using the refrigerated show case under normal circumstances, otherwise its service life will be affected.  

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