In August, the relocation and production expansion of the assembly line of ice machines commenced, expanding the production site to 5,000 square meters, and enhancing the production capacity to 50,000 sets/year.

In September, the reform of the divisional organization was initiated, as well as the incentive plan of management equity.

In October, the fully automatic ice cream vending machine was put on the market, with the functions of advertising player and information check through the mobile app, such as the sales status or operation status of the equipment, leading the industry trend of development again.


In September, Guangshen Electric Appliance Hubei Co., Ltd. successfully restructured its shareholding system and changed to Hubei Guangshen Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.

In October, Guangshen participated in the Italy Milan International Hospitality Exhibition, and won the unanimous praise from the international counterparts. In December, Guangshen successfully held the Guangshen 2016 new product launch in Guangzhou, taking the lead in introducing the ingredient net ice cream machine to the world, and creating quite a stir in the industry!

In June, 2014, the all-touch screen ice cream machine, with the function of video playing, was put on the market, leading the industry trend of development once again.

In May, 2013, Guangshen introduced full-featured high-end BW ice cream machine, cracking the markets of McDonald's and KFC.

In December, Guangshen ice cream machine took the initiative to switch to new LED LCD screens instead of the outdated digital screens.


In March, the new optimized BX and BK ice cream machines were put into batch production, and promoted in CCTV as endorsed by Wen Bixia.

In September, the second commencement celebration of Guangshen Electric Appliance Hubei Co., Ltd. was held, with a great honor to have the provincial and municipal leaders, the chairman and the secretary general of Kitche Utensils Chamber of Commerce of All-China and the distributors throughout the country attended.


In July, the project of new plant in Hubei broke ground.

In December, with an investment capital of 50 million yuan and an area of 106 mu, Guangshen Electric Appliance Hubei Co., Ltd. was put into operation.

At the same time, new mid-to-high end and air-cooling kitchen refrigerators of T/B/X series were developed, leading the Company into the domestic market of the mid-to-high end commercial kitchen refrigerator.


In September, Guangshen BJ ice cream machine was the first to adopt the multi-functional digital LCD screen in the industry, causing a sensation as well!

In October, Guangshen invested heavily in the development of the new BX, BK series of ice cream machines, the world's leading ones, which also caused a sensation in the industry.


In May, the integral aluminum foaming molds were put into use, to improve the production and foaming quality of GD and other series of refrigerators.

In July, the Company invested in the establishment of national testing laboratory of refrigeration products.

In September, it passed the examination of the State Quality and Technology Supervision Bureau and obtained the production license of ice-making products, 

CCC certificate of compulsory product inspection, and EU CE and CB certificates of quality.



In March, the product system was adjusted, switching to the focus on three major series of products, namely the ice machine, the ice cream machine and the kitchen refrigerator, 

 and stopping the production of cake show cases, ice cream show cases, cold drink machines and other products.

In August, with the new drainage function of SD series ice machine, the overall ice machines were upgraded.


In August, Guangshen passed the ISO9001 International Quality System Certification at one shot.

In October, Guangshen improved BJ188C product was put into operation, pioneering in the cost performance of ice cream industry.


In June, Guangshen reinvested in equipment, and commercial kitchen refrigerator were put into production.

In December, due to the expansion of production, Guangshen relocated to a 12,000 square meters of standard plant in Panyu District, Guangzhou.

In early 2005, Guangzhou Guangshen Electric Appliance Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established with a registered capital of 1 million Yuan.

In April, Guangshen BJ series ice cream machines were put into operation, receiving heated extolling in the market.

In June, Guangshen new-style beveled ice machines of SD series were put into production.

In September, ice machines and ice cream machines of Guangshen passed the EU CE Quality Certification at one shot.